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The Kiss (Imaginaries of desire)

A representation of fields of persons taken from the women’s context desire

A visual, sound and symbolic representation of fields of female desire that are currentlyunder-represented despite their great relevance. It explores the experiences of women as individuals or in groups, transgressing with their actions the expectations conventionally made of their bodies. Using the direct testimony from the participating women, it raises the visibility of spectra that question what was intended to be their sensitivity and natural stimuli. The work is based on stories of women from socially restricted environments and aims to disseminate an imaginary of their authentic, diverse and profound desire. BDSM practices from a feminist perspective, polyamor or mature women’s sexual practices and desire are the contexts chosen.

It shows a succession of images that evoke an interiorised experience of emotion about desire. In a non-narrative and figurative way, through visual and auditory reconstruction of symbols taken both from nature (detail of trees, creation of visual textures with these elements) and from live recordings of collaborative groups of women (fragments of parts of the body in the abstract or moving shots).