A lesbian story tale about intimacy

Intimate is an animation short film made by visual artist Elena Tóxica based on two real characters, Dita and Patricia, and their relationship as a couple. The script contains fragments of intimate conversations that describe their love give-and-take. The piece has a fictional setting: it shows a conversation overheard by a mysterious peeping tom who records these sequences in the wild. Intimate: Dita and Patricia session moves between reality and imagination, enhanced by the animated drawings technique used on the landscape surrounding the main characters: a magnificent forest that serves as a metaphor for society. The feature’s aim is to take us close to the main characters through this lesbian story tale.

For the title sequence, an urban action event took place in Lavapiés, symbolic center of the lesbian community of Madrid. Music is by transfeminist and queer singer, Viruta.

Dossier Intimate

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With the support of Madrid Council, Madrid World Pride 2017.