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The Little Hospital

Medical care and mental health

Video productions, documentaries and files relating to this project which was started in 2005 by Elena Tóxica and focuses on medical care and the way it is perceived by different social groups.

The animated short film “The Little Hospital” demonstrates the protest against a conformist and medicalised society faced with the issue of medical care, via a symbolic approach.

Other versions of this production have been created in collaboration with the social groups affected by this issue, such as women or people with different levels of physical ability.

The “PsychoLittleHospital”, created previously, is a video production which looks specifically at mental health in close detail. It describes, through visual metaphors, three processes which affect people with different mental abilities and how their loved ones cope with these: Borderline, Deliriousness and Stigma. This is a series of three stories told from a gender and sexual orientation perspective, focusing on women and lesbianism, and the influence exercised by the world of psychiatrics in terms of controlling them.

I. Borderline: Outside view of the transition towards the so-called perception of reality from a mental illness.

II. Deliriousness: the way the relatives of people with mental health issues views their mental suffering.

III. Stigma: in mental health, how it affects people with diverse mental health functionality and their relatives.

The Little Hospital uses a symbolic construction to demonstrate the fight against a conformist and medicalized society.