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Love in Africa

When love in Africa costs your life

Black Tomboys. Feminismo Negro. Mujeres que aman otras mujeres. Black Queer Lesbians. WLW Lesbiennes africaines

El Ranchito art production residency, Matadero Contemporary Art Center, Madrid. (2011-12)

Complutense University, Madrid. In collaboration with Amnesty International (QueerAmnesty, Suiza), Rqtr and Merhaba. (2011)

Sub-Saharan women, lesbians or not. Asylum seekers, migrants or even European citizens. Women loving women in African countries, where love costs you your life or being raped. In collaboration with human rights defenders organisations as Amnesty International, Merhaba, CEAR, Women’s Link Worldwide or ILGA World and artists, queer, feminists and black women as sudafrican photographer Zanele Muholi. Project took place as a work in progress public art project: performances, Vj live sessions, interviews, interactive urban facades screenings, music concerts or open dialogues.

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Developed at the Complutense University, Madrid

The project continued its research with an event at the end of 2010 in which a number of LGBT asylum seekers participated and which more specifically described the current reality in Black Africa. Activists from Queeramnesty, Amnesty International Switzerland contributed in collaboration with Merhaba, a Belgian association which defends the rights of LGBT persons from the Maghreb region, Africa and Arab countries in general, as did RQTR, an LGBT activist organisation which collaborated in presenting the project’s first session at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid.