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About Toxic Lesbian

Social Practices in Art and Cyberfeminisms

Toxic Lesbian emerges in 2005 in the sphere between contemporary visual art and political/gendered/lesbian happenings. It developpes urban art projects from the beginning and from 2009. Toxic Lesbian engages public art projects. At the same time, from 2007 is the producer of animation films from Elena Tóxica.

The artistic model of Toxic Lesbian goes from pure artistic language to virtual and live action, creation and investigation processes, including all kind of social collaborations. Community Art, work in progress or Public Art in the sense American artist Suzanne Lacy explained at “Mapping the terrain”, are referential Toxic Lesbian keywords. Toxic Lesbian collaborates with this artist since 2010. An essential concept of its proposals is to generate works that do not have a commercial format but ephemeral and easy to disseminate ones, in relation with political Ciberfeminist artists manifesto about Technologies and the use of the Internet. In this context Toxic Lesbian has collaborated with digital and Cyberfeminist artist Shu Lea Cheang since 2011.

Toxic Lesbian has worked with some of the main art and cultural places in Spain as Museo Nacional Centro de Reina Sofía, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Matadero, Círculo Bellas Artes, Casa Encendida, Medialab-Prado from Madrid, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla-León, Arteleku Donosti, Centro Andaluz Arte Contemporáneo from Seville; it has participated at some of the main digital and public art European manifestations like Transmediale, European Media Facades Festival; with Community centres in Spain, France or Belgium; and with social partners and global Human Rights organisations such as Amnesty International, ILGA World, Women’s Link Worldwide Merhaba (Belgium) or CEAR (Spain) or several LGBTQI local partners.

Red de Espacios y Agentes de Cultura Comunitaria